J&A service is a professional oil and gas service company. We perform completion, flowback, and production operations for exploration & production companies.

Our initial completions operation is frac support. Frac packages vary per client requirements. A general frac package consists of 1502 iron, a choke manifold, and client assigned equipment for screen outs and bleed off as needed. During the frac, a wireline company sets plugs at target depths the client has determined, to isolate each zone where the frac has been completed. Often, we will rig up a frac isolation package on nearby locations that are close enough to have communication issues with the well that’s being fracked. This package contains 1502 iron, a choke manifold, a sand trap, and J&A personnel to monitor well pressures. J&A service rigs up and down all our equipment for all phases of operations. Once the frac is complete the next phase of completion operations is the drill out.

A general drill-out package consists of 1502 iron, a choke manifold, a trash catcher and for some clients, a sand trap and separator that J&A also provides. During a drill out, a work over rig or coil tubing unit will drill each individual plug in the well to convert several zones into one continuous well bore. The number of plugs that separate each zone varies well to well. We assist the work over rig or coil tubing unit during drill out operations to maintain flow rates and circulation while they drill out plugs. During drill outs the well flows sand, plug parts, water, and many times oil and gas through the J&A surface equipment. The trash catcher is used to collect the plug parts that are being milled into smaller pieces by the work over rig or the coil tubing unit. When oil and gas are expected, a J&A separator will be an essential part of the equipment package. The separator is used to divide oil, water, and gas. The oil and water are sent to holding tanks. The gas is incinerated through a controlled flare, or sent to a pipeline to sell, if the pipeline is ready. Once all plugs are drilled out the flowback phase is ready to begin.

A general flowback package consists of 1502 iron, sand traps, a choke manifold, a separator, a flare, and a sand sample tank, all provided by J&A. During the initial flowback phase the well will produce large amounts of sand and any left-over plug parts from the drill out. The sand traps are used to catch sand and avoid heavy damage to J&A’s and the client’s equipment. J&A personnel supervises the amount of sand being made to determine how often to dump the sand traps to avoid carry over. Sand traps are dumped to sample tanks where sand is collected in a filter sock and measured or weighed. The choke manifold is what allows J&A to flow the well back in a controlled environment and maintain the desired amount of flow rate. J&A personnel can adjust flow rates using the choke manifold based off the client’s protocol and direction. All oil, water & gas flow from the choke manifold at the desired rate, to a separator where they are separated. The oil and water each flow to production tanks that keep them isolated. As much gas as possible is sent through the gas pipeline to sell. Gas that cannot be sold is sent to a flare and incinerated in a regulated environment. J&A personnel is responsible for monitoring the separator and all surface equipment during the flowback process. It is our job to ensure all equipment is working properly and resolve any problems that occur. The duration of the flowback phase varies per company. Once the client determines their equipment can manage the oil, water, and gas rates, they transition to the production phase.

The production phase takes place once a well has consistently maintained sand, oil, water, and gas rates. Many times, J&A will leave a sand trap package in place if the well is still making sand. Our personnel will continue to monitor and empty the trap as needed. J&A personnel is also requested by our clients to monitor and maintain their equipment during the production phase. The production phase can last several months, and some wells require attention years after initial production.

J&A service rents miscellaneous equipment to several E&P companies. This equipment includes but is not limited to; 1502 iron, choke manifolds, sand traps, separators, mobile flares, light towers, generators, and tanks. Most of this equipment is transported by our J&A trucking department.

Our trucking service includes, winch trucks, small boom trucks, over the road truck-trailers and one-ton trucks used for hot shot loads. We have licensed and qualified CDL drivers for all trucking operations. We own skid steers used for dirt work service and moving our equipment on location and in the yard.

J&A service has an employee structure in place for all regions. Our corporate office is home to our HR manager, safety manager and accounts payable / receivable. All regions have a regional manager, an administrative assistant, a safety coordinator, field supervisors, leads and well service techs that range from tech 1 to tech 3.

We have a strong safety program that goes above and beyond the standard requirements. Our safety coordinators routinely check active locations to confirm all safety protocols are being followed. We also have a training program in place that allows our veteran personnel to train and mentor our less experienced techs. This allows our personnel to learn at a safe pace and help avoid overwhelming situations.

Overall, J&A service has established a respected reputation with outstanding employees and equipment in the oil and gas industry.